My name is Curt Chester. I am a retired school teacher living in the Stanwood-Camano Island area. I enjoy photography and videography and delight in seeing others effectively use technology. I believed whole-heartedly in the constructive, hands-on methods of engaging students in learning that are becoming so popular today. I believed in STEM before it was cool.

During my 33 years of teaching service, I consistently looked for ways to effectively integrate computers and the use of technology with the educational process.

I began creating content on the web in the early late 1980’s using tools like Aldus PageMaker (now Adobe PageMaker),  HTML coding. In the years to follow I continued to use tools like Macromedia’s Dreamweaver (now part of Adobe’s product line). Today I continue to rely on my knowledge and experience while the majority of websites I develop, design and maintain are built with WordPress.

In the late 1990’s I had a notion about providing a website to the public that would give people the opportunity to to share and view video created with camcorders and edited with new non-linear digital editing tools such as   and Avid Cinema and later Apple’s iMovie and Adobe Premiere. (click here to go to a YouTube video that explains the impact of Avid Cinema.) Prior to using these tools, my video editing was done in a “linear” fashion. Mixing and editing videos from different sources, placing transitions and titles along the way. This process is analogous to the way I had to type out papers for my college professors; using a typewriter. Many of my profs would not accept papers that were written of erasable typewriter paper, or those that used “white-out” or other correction methods. So, if I made a mistake, I would pull the paper out of the typewriter and start all over again. That’s a lot like linear video editing, except that when I made a mistake I would usually have to start the whole project over again, not just one page. When digital, non-linear editing came on the scene, I was very excited and inspired.

I actually began editing and mixing video in 1997 when I bought my first video camera; a RCA shoulder mounted VHS camcorder. It wasn’t long after getting my camcorder that I began to assemble the components of my first recording setup. My first attempt to switch between two video sources was made possible by using a Radio Shack video switcher. It would add simple transitions to when switching from one source to the other. Wipes and fades and that’s about it. Next I upgraded to a Panasonic board that made it possible to switch between video feeds in a much smoother fashion and with a lot of other features. Now I needed a means of superimposing titles on my finished products, so the next addition to my studio was a Videonics Digital Title Maker TM-1.

On the pages of this website, I have included some photos of the things I find interesting and beautiful as well as pages dedicated to using technology.